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Castle Point Community = "Bearing One Another’s Burdens"
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No one is greater than the other- "WE ARE ONE IN THE LORD"
Bear one another's burdens
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Dear American Dentists:
Letter to Jesus
Military Ministry Day of Prayer
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Volunteers In Dentistry
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Letter to Jesus

Letter to Jesus

This is from our Face Book Page:

Words from one of SMYH Volunteers: I have an issue.... I have a letter in hand from my land lord telling me that I am stealing from him, because I am not current on my rent. He told me that if I do not pay the 1766.00 that I owe him by Feb 18 2014 ... He is going to have the sheriff to remove me by force if necessary. Same day I got the eviction letter  I answered one of the phone calls that was on the (SMYH) answering machine.
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