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Castle Point Community = "Bearing One Another’s Burdens"
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No one is greater than the other- "WE ARE ONE IN THE LORD"
Bear one another's burdens
Update for "Volunteers in Dentistry"


Dear American Dentists:
Letter to Jesus
Military Ministry Day of Prayer
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SHOW ME your hands.....
Volunteers In Dentistry
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SHOW ME your hands.....

Bear one another's burdens

Many of us came together and did what was told to us.....  

Galatians 6:2 New King James Version (NKJV)

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 

November 1, 2014  

We gathered together in O'Fallon, Missouri and walked to a young girls home who stood up for her bus driver last year on Halloween (October 31. 2013)  Our home town hero stood up in front of the other students on the bus and corrected the troublesome students who was disrupting the whole bus. Our hero acknowledge the bus driver, she thanked the bus driver for what the bus driver did and was doing to handle the situation telling the bus driver that it was not her fault for the troubled students behavior.

Update for "Volunteers in Dentistry"

The pictures that you see is what it is.....  We didn't have enough money to get the bottom teeth done.  We could only get the top.  We are thankful for what is!!  This man can smile a half-way handsome smile!!!!  Because of you and you and you....   "DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE....  WE THANK YOU!!!!"
Denatures and Dental Services
Denatures and Dental Services
Stuff that is in the plastic container is from: "Volunteers In Dentistry Awareness Weekend"

Letter to Jesus

This is from our Face Book Page:

Words from one of SMYH Volunteers: I have an issue.... I have a letter in hand from my land lord telling me that I am stealing from him, because I am not current on my rent. He told me that if I do not pay the 1766.00 that I owe him by Feb 18 2014 ... He is going to have the sheriff to remove me by force if necessary. Same day I got the eviction letter  I answered one of the phone calls that was on the (SMYH) answering machine.


Dear Veterans:
We the Volunteers at (SMYH) stand up for all of you who are on earth and in heaven.  We come to you to say "THANK YOU" for Believing in Our Lord Jesus Christ and for your declarations of proof of what you say and do.  (DD214 or DD215) Thank You, who were willing to give up your lives and die for us all.  Because of you, we can win the victory over the evil one as they did in heaven. 
They won the victory over him(the evil)by the Blood of the Lamb and by the truth which they proclaimed; and they were willing to give up their lives and die.

Happy Feast Day "Didymus"

Dear Thomas, called Didymus, one of the Twelve.  I hope you are smiling today!  Many years ago I the Author of this book stood up for you on my "Step Up to Leadership", graduation day!  I told everyone who was listening to my speech that I will put your Gospel in my book.  I am keeping my word to all and to you.
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Show Me your hands John 20:27 come to you to say, "Thank you" Thank you, to all the people who prayed the words that Jesus has taught us, on 12/12/12 at 12:12 Am and 12:12 PM so that, we could be one as Jesus and Almighty Father is one.  With faith, we all be one with them and in them, and most of all for them.  In hopes that "HE" will be pleased.  We ask this again, that we all join hands and pray the words that Jesus taught us on 12/21/12 at 12:12 AM and 12:12 PM.


Author:  Thomas C. Twin II
Author: Thomas C. Twin II
This is a hand made poster... I Patti Cooper got the hands out of the community news paper. The thumb was messed up so I fixed it the best that I could. I got a few picture's of the fetus and put them together in the shape of a heart... The reson for this poster is for all you inquiring minds! (I am prepared for when the ship comes in.)
Facebook Post
My prayer to Jesus asking him to please take the wheel!
Facebook Post
Letter to the Captain!
Letter to the Captain!
This letter is addressed to Capt. AmyJo Ferguson The Salvation Army of O'Fallon Corps Officer

Give unto God the things that are God's.... Matthew 22:21

Most of us know this scripture very well!  We all know that we must give unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's......  We all know that each year we have to fill out our taxes and we get to see just how much money we give to the government each year.  We are made to do this. 
Now the second part of this verse in the bible Matthew 22:21 tells us to give unto God the things that are God's. 
We are not made to do this and most of us seem to have forgotten to give to our God.

Heal The World

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MICHAEL JACKSON ☆★ Heal the World ☆★
A música "Heal the World" de Michael Jackson é uma semente de paz para cada pessoa que ouvir-la. Essa semente não dever morrer em nossos corações mas precisa crescer e gerar paz para nós e para as fa...
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Operation Christmas for Poorest Children

Dear People,
I am doing my best to get help out to the children in India.  My heart goes out to these children.  I know everyone has there own thing that they want to do for Christmas.  Believe me I know!  I asked schools and churches they all turn me down.  The ones who say that they will help do not.  I am so hurt in my heat.  I don't know how to get help out to the children in India. I bought two quilts in hope that I can raffle it off and give the money to India.
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